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"Our company was chosen to perform trials on the Twin Hornet aircraft engine heater. It far exceeded our expectations; the quality is evident in all aspects of the design. I would highly recommend it to everyone." 


-  Jason A.

Managing Director of Dynamic Aircraft Consortium, LLC


Marc McKenna, winner of both the 2012 and 2013 Iron Dog race, relies on the Hornet Heater to keep his engines warm and ready to start. The three airplanes required for air support use small portable generators and the Hornet Heaters for trouble free starting every time.

Aircraft heaters Testimonials

What our customers are saying...


"I purchased a Hornet 35 for my '48 C-170. Works great even in this Chicago winter. Starts are easier, warm ups faster, not to mention less wear and tear. Very easy to use. I strongly recommend these heaters." - Mike from Chicago, IL

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